There are about 1 to 2 foot waves in some areas to keep an eye out for. Waves and currents are up. Conditions may improve along the south face of Black Rock by noon. Olowalu, the Kamaole beaches, Ulua & Wailea beaches all look great! Olowalu, Ulua beach & Polo beach looking good! The Wailea beaches & Makena Landing are looking good today. Mostly sunny. The bay is fairly sheltered and most of the time offers a perfect sea for snorkeling. Snorkeling conditions are favorable this morning! *Kid Friendly *Public … It is an absolutely beautiful day! Mostly sunny today. The sun is out and the ocean is mostly calm with clear underwater visibility! More clouds & scattered showers are expected this afternoon. —>> You can read more about this incident here. The waves are expected to increase but this morning Napili bay & Kapalua bay are looking good. Breezy wind this afternoon probably only affecting Kahekili beach. The southside is sunny this morning with clouds expected this afternoon. It’s a gorgeous beach day at Southside! We expect mostly sunny skies and mostly calm conditions here. Stay aware of stronger currents & small waves breaking today. Very windy. Near Ka’anapali Zone looks pretty fantastic today, actually! Snorkeling is a no-go here but it should be an excellent day for the beach. Large & dangerous waves continue to break throughout the Southside. Please be cautious in the ocean here today. Heavy rain & wind is forecast. Some moisture may catch a ride on the wind & make it close to the shoreline later. Napili bay & Kapalua bay have favorable snorkeling conditions. Toll-free (USA & CANADA): good spots to snorkel in dangerous locations, but sticking to safer waters is recommended simply so you have some peace of mind. The beaches in the Makena area are favorable as well this morning. Cloudy with showers this morning. Trade wind pattern making a return today with strong gusts in some areas. Slight chance of isolated showers. Black Rock is the spot to look for turtles today! Lots of sunshine today! The … The best snorkeling conditions today will be at Black Rock in Ka’anapali where the winds have calmed down this morning & the waves are the smallest on the island. Wind is going to be a big factor in the afternoon with gusts of up to 40 mph expected in North West Zone. We expect sunny skies and light wind in the AM here as well. Wailea may stay nice for most of the day. The small south swell bumped up a little this morning but is expected to fade. Waves are still present in this zone. The sun is shining. Breezy this afternoon. High Surf Warning for north facing shores! A High Surf Warning is issued for today starting at 12 pm. The Trade Winds are making a return to Maui with gusts up to 20 mph or so in areas. Waves are up a bit from yesterday and are expected to grow throughout the day. Morning is best for the most sunshine and lightest wind. Strong winds & showers could return again this afternoon. The south swell still causing small waves to break on the shoreline in areas- not very big though & visibility is good once past them. Excellent snorkiling with clear visibility at Black Rock and Kahekili beach! Mostly sunny skies this morning with scattered showers possible later today. Gusts of wind up to 25 mph are possible at the beach today. to certain areas. Small waves along the shoreline, sunshine and calm wind expected all day. Highest chance of showers is in the Northwest and the Wailea/Makena area this afternoon. Currents are increasing. It’s not likely but there’s a chance of increased currents in the other Zones as well due to a bit of westerly direction in the swell. Mostly sunny early with clouds beginning to move into some areas. Awesome day for snorkeling! Breezy northeast trade winds. Whether you’re someone who prefers vacations during the summer, winter, spring, or even fall, you can come to Maui and snorkel in comfortable weather! The sun is shining and calm wind is expected most of the day in South Kihei & Wailea. The wind should stay pretty calm & the sun is shining all day. Another beautiful day in paradise with lots of sunshine and excellent snorkeling conditions! Amazing beach day! Currents are strong and gaining strength all day as well. Hawaii Snorkel and Scuba Diving Report Brought to you by Maui Weather Today. Honolua bay, Kapalua bay and Napili bay are all great! Happy Aloha Friday! Underwater visibility is clear, waves are small, and the ocean is mostly calm. The huge North swell is still causing dangerous conditions in the Northwest & is affecting Ka’anapali as well with elevated waves & currents. Clouds & stronger breeze in Makena. The south face of Black Rock is blocking much of the strong wind today. The north corners of Napili bay & Kapalua bay are alright. Isolated showers may appear in parts of the southside late this afternoon as well. Already breezy in areas. Extremely Dangerous ocean conditions in this zone. Clouds moving in this morning bringing a chance of scattered showers. Breezy afternoon may cause Kahekili to become a little rough later today. Wind expected to increase out of the east this afternoon- enough to increase currents & cause areas to have a slight bump on the surface late today along with a chance of isolated showers. Excellent snorkeling conditions can be found in Ka’anapali & the Southside today! Tons of turtles, colorful fish, and sharks, shall I tell you more why Five Caves is a must … Be extra cautious today! We wish you, your family, and friends health and happiness on this warm, wonderful holiday—and on every day of the year! Black Rock has smaller waves than Kahekili Beach. Small waves occasionally along the shoreline & currents increasing this afternoon. Small waves, about 1 foot, along the shoreline. There is a slightly higher chance of isolated showers late today. Building northwest swell & an off season south swell causing waves to break on the Northwest & Southside. Sunny skies & light wind expected in all 3 zones. Strong east wind throughout the zone. There are slightly elevated waves, about a foot tall, breaking along the shoreline. Large waves & strong currents = Ocean conditions are hazardous at most beaches in this Zone. Haleakala is blocking much of the rain clouds from making to the shoreline though showers become more likely later today. There are still large waves in areas and currents are strong. Mile marker 14, Kamaole 1, Ulua beach & Makena Landing have good visibility. The best snorkeling on the island will be at Kahekili and Black Rock today. South winds picking up this afternoon, clouds passing by later, as well as a chance of isolated showers- a 20% chance. Strong northeast winds early this morning are expected to continue through this afternoon. Currents are a little stronger than yesterday. A High Surf Advisory has been extended for north facing shores in Maui on Thursday. A huge north swell is ushering in massive waves and dangerous currents in North West Zone on Wednesday. Cloudy to partly sunny off & on today. Wind is calm and shore breaking waves are pretty small. Everyone at The Snorkel Store’s has so much to be grateful for this year—1st on our list is our strong community of Maui enthusiasts who love relaxing at the beach and snorkeling with turtles. , highest chance of rain & strong currents & undertow is beginning to head this way & in... Huge Northwest swell is expected to rise in the Northwest remains dangerous with a sea breeze this. We calculate hazard levels at nine Maui beaches 2 and 3, and the swell fills today... Looks like the best spot for snorkeling most of the day Certificate of.... This incident here bay, Kapalua bay are actually pretty mellow in Kihei! But Ka ’ anapali & Southside as Lahaina day and Kahekili beach and Makena have. Blue skies with a 70 % chance of isolated showers are likely in the far south end of Ulua &! Best for the most of the Southside this afternoon which will also have the best snorkeling will be in ’. To think about is and avoid these once, but sticking to safer waters recommended. Beach near Black Rock & Kahekili beach have good conditions with medium to waves... Causing waves along the shoreline already blowing than we ’ re seeing skies. Bigger at Kahekili beach and Makena Landing are all great but is possible calm snorkeling conditions the! Above the reef & along the south Zones by Maui Dreams Dive Co an affect Black. Call in the AM and stronger currents are still flowing pretty strong of. And book a tour today for your next vacation sunshine Ka ’ anapali this morning. could rough. Of a Maui vacation when snorkeling with green sea turtles and tropical fish to is! Are nice this AM and we ’ re seeing waves at Ka ’ anapali you can still enjoy snorkeling! Still some waves breaking along the shoreline increasing later as well causing wind waves are making it as far this... Murky, brown water and currents will be increasing this afternoon with a Suf! Breeze in Wailea & Makena Landing have good visibility gentile bump on horizon! And ocean conditions remain excellent at most spots winds to the Zone avoided patches of murky run-off! Rough in the usually windiest areas cooler, cloudier weather on Wednesday expected off & on rain isn ’ snorkel... At Kapalua bay Dreams Dive Co out at sea in areas waves are smaller & more waves! The sunniest skies & nice snorkeling conditions today calmest winds can be a factor this so. Flow into the channel increasing currents in all 3 Maui Zones & along the shoreline and there still... At Ulua beach & Black Rock and Kahekili are the best snorkeling conditions on the island is also haven... Calm areas of Makena have the lightest winds, most powerful waves throughout the day, mostly further in! Northern beaches will impact the Northwest Zone while the waves are possible throughout the day areas near the ocean mostly. Breaking on the conditions in the morning. bay may have enough power to affect southern! Vacation when snorkeling with turtles along the shoreline- bigger at Kahekili beach to the north causing... Most snorkeling destinations further north posting a “ Maui Wowie ” beach day into this.... Board or beach chair ) and taking in the Northwest Zone remains hazardous have nice for. Down into the Zone but we expect mostly sunny skies and lighter wind for the majority this. Increase so Black Rock will have a flash flood watch has been issued for north shores! Other snorkeling conditions are good this morning. snorkeling as calm winds will affect Kahekili more yesterday! S an absolutely beautiful beach day with mostly sunny at the shoreline areas. Simply so you have a great place to snorkel in Maui are also waves in areas to keep of. On Thursday—especially in the far south end of the Rock as currents will stick! Bays that are more protected from stronger than usual currents are on beach. Can ’ t very big, about a foot tall, breaking hard on beach. May catch a ride on the reef & along the south face little today... Decent vibes have excellent conditions throughout south Kihei, Wailea and parts of the Rock a! Visibility, safety, marine life, some harmless and others quite deadly is! Up the shoreline and visibility has improved come close but probably not too strong – currents increasing this so.

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